Reverse Osmosis Systems

Do you frequently notice stains on your bathtub or sink? After washing your dishes in the dishwasher, are they often cloudy? Or, are your appliances that use water not lasting as long as expected?

If so, the water in your home may contain high levels of minerals — this is known as hard water. At David LeRoy Plumbing, Inc., we can help remedy this issue with a reverse osmosis (RO) system installation in your home. Our reverse osmosis systems are cost-effective and protect your pipes from blockages and mineral deposit buildups.

What Is Reverse Osmosis?

Osmosis is the process of passing a solution through a membrane to concentrate it. Reverse osmosis applies pressure to turn a highly concentrated solution into a lower concentrated solution. For plumbing purposes, this process takes out minerals and other factors that contribute to hard water and leaves behind soft water for drinking and other water needs for plumbing purposes.

Our Reverse Osmosis Services

At David LeRoy Plumbing, Inc., our services cover various tasks from RO system installation to repairs and general maintenance. Our workers utilize state-of-the-art tools and craftsmanship to ensure you receive the highest quality service and reverse osmosis units. While we’re sure our work will be satisfactory, we also offer a two-year warranty on all of our workmanship.

How Our Reverse Osmosis Systems Can Help You

For many homes, David LeRoy Plumbing, Inc. will install an under-the-sink reverse osmosis system to purify drinking water. This system is compact and goes through the following process to purify your water so that it is safe for drinking:


  1. For pre-filtration, the system uses a high-pressure pump to feed drinking water through the line. The drinking water then passes through filters to remove minerals before arriving in the reverse osmosis chamber.
  2. Next, the water goes through the reverse osmosis process. During this step, water passes through a membrane to remove minerals further and create soft water.
  3. After purifying the water, the system drains the removed minerals, and the soft water sits in a small tank until you need it.

In addition to minerals, a reverse osmosis system can remove contaminants from your water such as salts, oil and fat-based molecules and organic bacteria.


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