UV Disinfection System Services

A clean HVAC system is the key to enhancing indoor air quality. While traditional HVAC setups have a series of filters, airborne toxins will accumulate if you forget to change these filters over time. Incorporating ultraviolet light (UV) solutions for HVAC installations will help you to control the spread of bacteria, dust and other particles traveling through ducts.

David LeRoy Plumbing, Heating and Cooling will visit your home in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, area to come up with a custom UV plan for your new or existing HVAC system. Prevent microorganisms and mold from building up across HVAC components when you work with our experienced team.

UV Light for Consistent HVAC System Performance

Our technicians at David LeRoy Plumbing, Heating and Cooling take your home project in Harrisburg seriously. Using high-strength UV bulbs, we’re able to enhance the performance of filters, evaporators and surrounding parts in an HVAC setup. Our world-class UV products significantly reduce allergens long before they can multiply. With UV technology, your HVAC system is better protected from common threats that trigger allergies.

We Install UV Disinfection Systems Quickly and Accurately

David LeRoy Plumbing, Heating and Cooling has almost 20 years of experience working on HVAC systems close to Harrisburg. We know what we’re looking for when installing UV disinfection bulbs and devices. Rely on our technicians to position UV lights inside your HVAC system for immediate results. Our products call for little maintenance, and we’ll choose bulbs that are powerful enough for your applications.

UV disinfection systems also reduce odors traveling through your home’s ductwork and vents. David LeRoy Plumbing, Heating and Cooling technicians will set you up with silent, fast-acting UV lights at an affordable price. Adding first-class UV bulbs to your existing HVAC system is the best way to look out for your family all year long.

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