Oil and Gas Furnaces: Installation and Repairs

At David LeRoy Plumbing, many of our customers use oil or gas furnaces to keep their homes warm and comfortable in the coldest months of Winter.

Getting the most out of your furnace involves correct installation, regular maintenance, and quick repairs in time of emergency. In fact, it’s very important to keep up on the health of your heating system. Emergency furnace repairs in the middle of winter can be very expensive, which is why we suggest that our customers receive furnace maintenance during the off-season.

At David LeRoy Plumbing, we strive to make your furnace as energy efficient as it can possibly be. Our mechanics specialize in all aspects of furnace repairs, installations, and maintenance, and we understand how important a properly functioning furnace is to your home. If your unit is old and needs replacement, is having a problem and needs a major or minor repair, or if you are interested in having a tuneup before the fall and winter months, David LeRoy Plumbing is the perfect company to get the job done right! We want to help save you money and avoid the stress of heating problems.

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Get the Most Out of Your Furnace with David LeRoy Plumbing

Did you know? Furnaces are used to heat air which is then delivered to different areas of your home by a duct system. The problem with this process is that a significant amount of energy can be lost through your ducts. In fact, a large amount of air that is heated will often never actually reach its destination.

Our team of experts at David LeRoy Plumbing are skilled in repairing your furnace and heating system for absolute efficiency. They will review the existing setup and measure the heat flow to determine where the system can be improved for greatest impact. With the adjustments made to increase the effectiveness of the system’s ability to evenly heat the house, your family and finances will thank you come the cold days of winter.

So, why waste heat and money this winter? Instead, have one of our specialists check your heating and duct systems to reduce the amount of heat lost and reduce your energy bills.

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