Garbage Disposal Troubleshooting Tips

Garbage Disposal Troubleshooting Tips

Garbage disposals are handy little inventions that are widely taken for granted until they develop some sort of problem that limits their functionality. If your garbage disposal is not working properly, here are a few garbage disposal troubleshooting tips you can follow. These tips can help you identify problems with your disposer so that you can either fix them yourself or leave the fixing to the professionals here at David Leroy Plumbing.

Garbage Disposal Not Turning On

There are a few reasons why your disposal may not turn on, so it is important for you to use garbage disposal troubleshooting to narrow down the underlying cause.

1. Check to see if there is power going to your disposal unit.
2. Inspect the bottom of your disposer (which is typically located underneath the sink), and try to locate the reset button.
3. If the button is protruding, then your disposal motor has most likely become too hot due to prolonged use or a jam.
4. If there is a jam in the unit, clean it out and then push the reset button.

If the unit still doesn’t start, then your motor may be at the end of its useful life and you may have to replace it. We are highly experienced New Cumberland plumbers who are proud to offer our extensive garbage disposal replacement services to our customers in need.

Garbage Disposal Not Draining

Sometimes garbage disposals can become clogged and cause water from the disposal to seep into the sink. If this happens, try these garbage disposal troubleshooting tips:

1. Turn off the unit.
2. Reach inside and remove all excess debris.

If this does not work, try using a plunger to help remove more stubborn debris. If this also fails, you can try taking your pipes apart and removing any clogs that way.

If all else fails and you need experienced New Cumberland plumbers, give David Leroy Plumbing a call at 717-963-2034 and we will be happy to get your garbage disposal up and running again.