Efficient Home Heating – Advice & Tips

Efficient Home Heating – Advice & Tips

Unless your heating system is just about on its last legs, it’s unlikely that you have given much thought to a high efficiency replacement system, but new and technologically advanced systems can vastly improve your energy usage. Long gone are the days when you’d light a fire with some lumber and let that heat a central part of your home.

Heat Pumps

The latest in energy efficient technology is all about transferring natural heat from where it’s sourced to where it’s needed. The pump itself doesn’t actually produce heat (in the way that a furnace or such does), but as the name implies, it pumps that heat around. These have been known to be as much as 70% more efficient than traditional methods of heating your home.

Ground or Air Sourced

The most common types of heat pumps are ground sourced or air sourced; ground sourced has an underground loop, air sourced takes the heat from the air in the environment surrounding the unit. Both are extremely efficient and use technology to convert natural resources in to heat. As you may have guessed though, there is no such thing as free money – a heat pump (especially ground sourced) is significantly more expensive to purchase and to fit, however, because the returns are so good, you should see a return on your money within a relatively short space of time.


Taking professional advice from an expert in heat pump technology is a must – they will be able to tell you the exact specifications that you’ll need, basing their information on you, not the average Joe. They should also be able to give you an accurate estimate of timescale for return on investment.

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