Clogged Garbage Disposal in Harrisburg, PA

Clogged Garbage Disposal Tips

There are certain things we’ve grown to anticipate over the years as a plumbing company, and one of them is to expect a lot calls on the days after Thanksgiving because of clogged garbage disposals.  There’s a reason people sometimes put on a few pounds over the holiday season and that is the same reason that garbage disposal repairs become necessary—plates are full of an abundance of savory, delicious, homemade foods!  With extra people dining in your home and bountiful food on the table, it’s important that you treat your garbage disposal with care, in order to avoid needing plumbing service.  At David Leroy Plumbing, our expert plumbers know all the common culprits when it comes to broken down or clogged garbage disposals and we want to share them with you, our valuedHarrisburg customers!

First off, there are certain foods that just are not garbage disposal-friendly.  While it may be tempting to toss any and all foods down the drain, the following foods have a tendency to inhibit grinding, cause clogged drains, or jam garbage disposal motors.  Avoid putting these foods into the kitchen sink:  corn husks, pumpkin innards, celery, potato peels, onion skins, animal bones, grease, cooking oils, fats, rice, and pasta.

When our certified plumbers do a garbage disposal repair, we often find non-food materials in the garbage disposal that don’t belong there.  YourHarrisburghome’s garbage disposal is designed to gobble up food scraps only.  Non-food materials can end up damaging the garbage disposal motor or blades.  Try to avoid putting cigarette butts, bottle caps, combustible materials, or anything plastic, metal, paper, or glass into the sink.

There are also a few things that you can do to keep your garbage disposal in tiptop shape.  First, use your garbage disposal year round so that the parts don’t cease up and so that rust does not develop on the unit.  Second, start running cold water down the drain before you turn on the garbage disposal and keep it running until 15 seconds after you turn the garbage disposal off.  And finally, don’t wait until your garbage disposal is filled up with food waste before you turn it on; use it as you scrape plates and wash dishes, so that it isn’t overwhelmed with a large amount of food scraps at once.

Lastly, we know your garbage disposal will be put through a work out this Thanksgiving. So if you start to notice unpleasant odors try adding ice cubes and vinegar while running. The ice will scrape the inside clean and the vinegar kills the germs!

The plumbing contractors at David Leroy Plumbing hope that these tips will help some of our Harrisburg, PAcustomers avoid needing a garbage disposal repair this busy holiday season, but, as always, if you do find yourself in need of any plumbing repair or plumbing installation, David Leroy Plumbing is here for you!

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