5 Benefits of Switching to a Ductless Heating System

5 Benefits of Switching to a Ductless Heating System

Most people won’t give a second thought to their heating or cooling systems until they have a problem and are then made to think about them, the old saying of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ seems especially true.

A ductless heating system is usually intended as an addition to what you already have, here’s why you should think about installing one.

Increased comfort

A centralized point, the ductless system is ideal for distributing warm or cool air around larger open spaces, working especially great in the modern, open plan style of living spaces.

Cheap Installation

With no ducting and one easy installation point, a ductless system installs in a day or two. Meaning that costs are reduced significantly over traditional ducted systems.

Cleaner Air

Air purifying filters absorb many of the airborne contaminants; dust, pollen, germs, mildew and odor causing gases. A ductless system will consistently circulate fresh, healthy air throughout your home.

Running cost

A professional installer can easily set up the system to be the primary source of heating. Ductless systems can heat or cool your home for a fraction of the cost of traditional heating methods.

Comfort in all seasons

A ductless system has air conditioning as standard; no matter what season you’re in, it will provide comfort in the form of heat or cool air.

Many local utilities offer good incentives to upgrade to this type of highly efficient heating; these can be as high as $1500 cash back.

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